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12 thoughts on “Donate and/or Contact”

  1. pedro sanmartin said:

    Very good jab Inge, I miss you . i wanna say thank you 4 everyting .

  2. Betsy Arce said:

    Hello Inge, I’m not sure if you remember me, I met you this Sunday in Baños with my sisters dog (Lilly the Irish Setter). Anyway, I just want to say that I think it’s amazing what you’re doing and I’d like more information on how I can get involved. I’m completely bilingual and might be able to offer some help in that way. (wish I was a vet). My sisters would also like to help but don’t speak very much Spanish yet, but they’re great with animals:) Let me know if there are some opportunities for us to lend a hand and keep up the great work! Betsy Arce

  3. Happy Dogs, we were involved with PAWS in Philly before we moved to Cuenca, we would like to get involved with Happy Dogs, how can we help?

    Pat and Rick Jackson

  4. Beverly Sheppard said:

    Hello, We just recently rescued a Street dog and 7 week-old pups off Ordoñez Lasso. We would like to keep Chelsea and get her spayed when pups are weaned. Please tell me if there is a dog shelter who could help place the pups with good homes. I may have 2 or 3 placed already.
    Thanks, Beverly

  5. laura wade said:

    Dear Inge,

    I hope you are well. We have been following the incredible work you have been doing. We have been doing similar work inCanoa.We really need some help in either rehoming or bringing a dog from Ecuador to the UK.We run an animal welfare charity, green paw project, and have just finished a spaying a neutering program in canoa with huge success. There was one dog who was in a bad way with mange and we have started to rehabilitate her, and want to if possible re home her in Ecuador or bring her home from March onwards, as we can’t find an Ecuadorean home for her and can’t put her back on the street. Can you help with transporting her over or do you know anyone who would take care of her?And potential quarantine. She will have been spayed, fully recovered and had rabies treatment by then.

    Please help if you can!

    Stephen and Laura

    • Hello,
      First, thanks for helping the dogs of Canoa.
      I am not familiar with the regulations of taking a dog out of Ecuador. However, I a. Being to,d that the airlines are making changes to their requirements. As far as fostering or adopting this dog in Cuenca. I am sorry but I can’t help with this. I suggest posting in the Gringo Trr or Gringo Post.
      Ihope you find it a good home! Again, thanks for all you do to help these helpless creatures.


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